Who Knew Cycling Could Have Style?

May 26, 2017 9:08 pm
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If you’re going to be riding around the city and using a bicycle as you preferred method of transportation you’re going to need to find a way to look good while doing it.  After all, you can’t step into a business meeting or a dinner party with helmet head and bike shorts.  Some of your friends might be ok with it, but you might not want to be presenting that way.

That’s why we were so thrilled when we came across this photoblog about cycling style in and around New York City.  The author/photographer is a guy named Sam Polcer who has been cycling for many years and has combined his love of photography with his love of cycling to do a kind of “humans of New York” for cycling called “Preferred Mode.”

The site is where Polcer features a new cyclist and their preferred method of transportation every few days.  You’ll get a photo of the rider and his/her bike and a brief description of the photograph.

Most of the photos are pretty down the middle riders from around the city, but this one below caught our eye of a guy riding a tall bike while attending the 2016 Bicycle Fetish Day presented by The City Reliquary.

Kyle Nolte (@tallbikebike) noltekyle631@gmail.com rides a tall bike photographed at Havemeyer St. and Grand St. while attending the 2016 Bicycle Fetish Day presented by The CIty Reliquary

We love this site because it gives a unique perspective on the city and the cyclists who inhabit it.  When it comes to riding in the city you’ll often find folks riding some of the same bikes over and over again, but when you can find a preferred method that is unique, it’s worth a share or a subscribe at our new favorite photo blog.