What To Ask At Your Brooklyn Bike Shop

May 19, 2017 8:29 pm
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Sometimes if you’re new to riding bikes and cycling, it can be an intimidating thing to walk into a Brooklyn bike shop where you don’t know anyone and don’t really know what to ask.  A conversation can often feel a bit overwhelming when you’re new to the whole game.  That’s why at Bike Slug we make sure that all of our bike mechanics, while incredibly knowledgable are also skilled at the art of communication…seriously.  We want to make sure your experience coming into a bike shop (whether it’s your first or 100th time) is a pleasurable experience.  Not only do we want you to get what you need and have all your questions answered, but we also want to make sure you come back again and again so we can become your trusted cycling resource.

We thought we would make it a little bit easier for you when you come in for the first time with this quick list of questions you might want to ask when you come into the shop.  Don’t worry if you forget these, we’ll be able to walk you through anything you need to know, but these will certainly make it easier for us and less intimidating for you.  Keep in mind that these questions may lead us to ask you some questions, and we’ve covered the answers you need to have when coming in here.

1.) What will a new bike cost me?

2.) What experience do you have in being a bike mechanic?

3.) What’s the difference between a bike mechanic and an average joe working at some big box store?

4.) Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to buy my bike from Amazon?

5.) Can I make repairs to my bike on my own?

It may seem a little funny to ask these questions when you come into a Brooklyn bike shop, but if you come armed with these questions we’ll be able to put your mind at ease and help you sort through the sometimes confusing world of cycling.

Riding a bike may seem like a simple process and truthfully it is, but when you start to get serious about riding and you want to go beyond the two wheeler you rode as a kid you’ll want to know where to start and these questions above should give you a good starting place to begin your trek into the wonderful world of bike riding.