The Surprising Effects of Riding A Bike On Your Health

May 7, 2017 9:07 pm
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This Brooklyn bike shop will help you find the right balance with the surprising affects of riding a bikeIt seems like a no brainer to recognize that riding a bike in Brooklyn will improve your health. Really any physical activity will help improve your heart, muscles and overall health.

Did you know that riding your bike can also improve how you walk, balance and climb stairs?

Don’t take my word for it, ask the folks at Harvard who recently discovered some unexpected health benefits of cycling that most didn’t even think of when walking through the health benefits of something that most of us have done for our entire lives.

First, riding a bike helps improve how you walk. You probably didn’t realize that you could use help in how you walk, but if you’re an avid bike rider, you could be improving your ability to walk far into your life. Pedaling pulls on your muscles which in turn strengthens bone density, leading to stronger bones which will help improve your strength throughout your life and reduce risks of bone diseases in the future.

Then there is the balancing that riding a bike helps you with. Staying up on two wheels for an extended amount of time improves your overall balance which will often carry over to things like standing taller and straighter. This can have a long term implication on things like posture and reducing back pain as you get older.

Finally the improved muscle strength that comes with riding a bike can lead to a greater ability to climb stairs.

You might’ve guessed that riding a bike could help you drop a few pounds or make your heart healthier, but would you have ever guessed that it would improve your balance? I know we certainly would not have.

Come into your favorite Brooklyn bike shop and we’ll get you fitted up with the perfect bike that will help you see health benefits in no time flat.