The Surprising Effects of Riding A Bike On Your Health

May 7th, 2017

This Brooklyn bike shop will help you find the right balance with the surprising affects of riding a bike

It seems like a no brainer to recognize that riding a bike in Brooklyn will improve your health. Really any physical activity will help improve your heart, muscles and overall health. Did you know that riding your bike can also improve how you walk, balance and climb stairs? Don’t take my word for it, ask the folks at Harvard who recently discovered some unexpected health benefits of cycling that most didn’t even think of when walking through the health benefits of something that most of us have done for our entire lives. First, riding a bike helps improve how you walk. You probably didn’t realize that you could use help in how you walk, but if you’re an avid bike rider, you could be improving your ability to walk far into your life. Pedaling pulls on your muscles which in turn strengthens bone density, leading to stronger bones which will help improve your strength throughout your life and reduce risks of bone diseases in the future. Then there is the balancing that riding a bike helps you with. Staying up on two wheels for an extended amount of time improves your overall balance which will often carry over to things like standing taller and straighter. This can have a long term implication on things like posture and reducing back pain…read more.

Is A Gravel Bike For You?

May 3rd, 2017

Ask your Brooklyn Bike Shop about gravel bikes

The bike world likes to go through trends every now and again. One day fat tires are all the rage and the next they are old news, so imagine our surprise when gravel bikes first appeared on the scene a couple of years ago. Are they just a trend or will this be the next great ride for you to experience through the streets of Brooklyn and beyond? The concept is great. A bike that performs well on fire roads and gravel trails while also being a smooth ride on city streets. This cross platform style bike is perfect if you’re a city rider who occasionally tosses your bike on the rack to head out for some light off road riding with your friends on the weekends. Here are some of the specs you should be expecting if you’re considering taking the leap to a new gravel bike: A slightly lower bottom bracket A longer wheelbase for stability Wheels that are wrapped in bigger tires Flat mounted disk brakes These are the features you should be looking for if you’re looking to invest in a true gravel bike. So the major question is, is a gravel bike right for you? If you’re someone who spends all of their time weaving in and out of traffic and want to get from…read more.

Breakfast Burrito + An Easy Bike Ride = Bliss

April 21st, 2017

It’s just a two mile ride from our Brooklyn bike shop to one of our favorite hidden gems in the city. Authentic Mexican food is hard to come by in New York, but you will not be disappointed if you make your way to the Fast and Fresh Burrito Deli for one of their tasty burritos. This is the perfect stop for breakfast or lunch and you can grab a bite as quickly as you need to. For breakfast we are partial to the burrito con chorizo which comes loaded with scrambled eggs, Mexican sausage, rice and beans. It’s not something you’re going to want to stop your ride and eat, but to pick it up on your way to the office and enjoy after you’ve made it to work will put a huge smile on your face to start your day. For lunch the must have is the carne quesadilla. This won’t leave you feeling like riding a heap of miles, but it will fill you up and you’ll have the energy you need for a ride home from work. There also a number of options for vegetarians like the vegetarian burrito which comes complete with sautéed vegetables, rice and beans. includes rice and beans, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, flour tortilla and salsa roja and guacamole or…read more.

3 Steps To Take Before Taking Your Bike Out This Spring

April 19th, 2017

Before you head to your local Brooklyn bike shop and get a full tune-up for your first spring ride, you’ll want to check these three things on your bike to make sure they are all in working order.  Often these will be the only three things you’ll need to look at to get your bike into good shape and you on your way. Check your tire pressure: There is nothing worse then getting on your bike for the first ride of the season, only to find you have a flat tire.  Changing a flat tire can take some time and may require a separate trip to grab a tube.  If you do this ahead of your first ride, you won’t be stuck with a flat on that next beautiful day. Check your brake pads: After a long season of riding your brake pads can get worn down and require changing before they are ready to hit the road the following spring.   A quick check of the pads may save you from not being able to stop as short as you need to on your first ride. Check your seat: Making sure your seat is set at the right height and is securely fastened to your bike will ensure that you are comfortable and safe on your first bike ride of…read more.