Our 10 Favorite #BikeSlugToWork Snaps

May 31st, 2017

For the entire month of March we’ve been asking you to submit photos of your commute to work and tag them with #bikeslugtowork on our Facebook page and Instagram.  Boy did you come through.  We’ve gotten some simply gorgeous pics of the skyline of the city, murals and parks.  Just some stunning pics that we couldn’t have imagined you would take for the chance to win $200.  Now we’re at the end of the month and we thought we would share some of our favorites with you. Take a look at these 10 and then check out #bikeslugtowork on both Facebook and Instagram for all the others that were submitted.  It’s been a great journey and we’re hoping you’ve inspired your friends and colleagues to also #bikeslugtowork, not just in the month of May, but throughout the year.

Who Knew Cycling Could Have Style?

May 26th, 2017

If you’re going to be riding around the city and using a bicycle as you preferred method of transportation you’re going to need to find a way to look good while doing it.  After all, you can’t step into a business meeting or a dinner party with helmet head and bike shorts.  Some of your friends might be ok with it, but you might not want to be presenting that way. That’s why we were so thrilled when we came across this photoblog about cycling style in and around New York City.  The author/photographer is a guy named Sam Polcer who has been cycling for many years and has combined his love of photography with his love of cycling to do a kind of “humans of New York” for cycling called “Preferred Mode.” The site is where Polcer features a new cyclist and their preferred method of transportation every few days.  You’ll get a photo of the rider and his/her bike and a brief description of the photograph. Most of the photos are pretty down the middle riders from around the city, but this one below caught our eye of a guy riding a tall bike while attending the 2016 Bicycle Fetish Day presented by The City Reliquary. We love this site because it gives a unique perspective on the city…read more.

Five Answers To Prepare When Heading To A Brooklyn Bike Shop

May 23rd, 2017

  If you’re thinking about heading into a Brooklyn bike shop there are certain questions you might want to ask the bike mechanic who is helping you out.  That being said, there will also likely be a series of questions you should be prepared to answer.   Having the answers to these questions will help the bike mechanic get you setup with everything you need before you leave the shop that first time and in the shortest amount of time. While buying a bike is not typically as expensive a proposition as buying a car, it is certainly a big decision with a whole lot of variables for each individual.  That said, the process is different for each person who comes in to buy a bike.  That’s why it’s important for you to be prepared with the answers to some of these preliminary questions that will help us figure out exactly what you might need. Here are five questions that you will want to be able to answer before you take your first step into a Brooklyn bike shop. 1.) What is your price range?:  As with most vehicles the price of bikes can vary wildly and without a good knowledge of what your price range is you will not be able to accurately narrow the field of options. 2.)…read more.

What To Ask At Your Brooklyn Bike Shop

May 19th, 2017

Sometimes if you’re new to riding bikes and cycling, it can be an intimidating thing to walk into a Brooklyn bike shop where you don’t know anyone and don’t really know what to ask.  A conversation can often feel a bit overwhelming when you’re new to the whole game.  That’s why at Bike Slug we make sure that all of our bike mechanics, while incredibly knowledgable are also skilled at the art of communication…seriously.  We want to make sure your experience coming into a bike shop (whether it’s your first or 100th time) is a pleasurable experience.  Not only do we want you to get what you need and have all your questions answered, but we also want to make sure you come back again and again so we can become your trusted cycling resource. We thought we would make it a little bit easier for you when you come in for the first time with this quick list of questions you might want to ask when you come into the shop.  Don’t worry if you forget these, we’ll be able to walk you through anything you need to know, but these will certainly make it easier for us and less intimidating for you.  Keep in mind that these questions may lead us to ask you some questions, and we’ve covered…read more.

3 Brooklyn Bike Rides To Take This Summer

May 15th, 2017

After you’ve gotten your bike tuned up at your nearest Brooklyn bike shop, you’ll be ready to set out on the open road of the city to find the amazing sights and sounds the city has to offer.  While the weather hasn’t been too accommodating this spring, it is just a matter of time before you’ll be able to hop on your two wheels and discover the ins and outs of the bike culture here in Brooklyn and beyond. There are so many rides you can take throughout the city, so we thought it would be helpful to highlight three of our favorites.  While this is not even close to an exhaustive list, it does highlight three unique bike rides that will undoubtedly have you itching to explore all of the rides we’ve left off the list.  When you’re ready to start riding these routes, feel free to share the snaps of your trip with us on Instagram with #bikeslugrides. Carroll Gardens to Coney Island: What better destination for your first ride of the season then one that will take you all the way to Coney Island on a mostly tree lined trail.  This 8.5 mile trek will take you down sections of the first bike path ever created inUnited States, portions of which date back to 1894.  The bike path…read more.

5 Benefits You’ll Feel When You #BikeSlugToWork

May 11th, 2017

The long slog to work can be filled with stress, anxiety, and most of all a lot of hurry up and wait. You can sit on the train platform waiting and waiting or you could get moving and get to your office with a renewed sense of energy that will serve you the whole day through. All month long, your friendly Brooklyn bike shop is encouraging you to #BikeSlugtoWork. Hop on your two wheels and get those legs pumping for a chance to win $200. More on that below. Even if you don’t win the cash, you’ll start to notice a host of benefits when you ride your bike to work every day or even just a couple of times a week. 1.) No more groggy mornings: If you’re like me and you need your cup of coffee before your brain starts working in the morning, try a bike ride. It’s better then caffeine and it will snap you right out of any morning fog you might find yourself in. 2.) Get more sleep: Sleep might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of riding your bike to work, but you’ll get more of it if you combine your morning workout with your morning commute. You’re killing two birds with one stone and you…read more.